RealNetworks Rinse To Fix iTunes Music Library Of Problems

RealNetworks Rinse To Fix iTunes Music Library Of Problems 

Fix iTunesIf you didn’t know such a software program existed then it’s time you found out because I’ve been using it to fix my iTunes problems and it does a pretty good job. The software program is called Rinse by RealNetworks a little company that’s been around since the late 90s. Rinse fixes the most common iTunes problems around. Those problems are duplicate songs that are present in your iTunes library, songs missing such information as song names, artist’s names and album names. It also finds and adds the missing album covers from your music collection in iTunes. Lastly it has a very powerful method of fixing your countless number of genres into a smaller chunk that you can easily organize and your listening experience more of a cinch! When you have as many genres as songs in your iTunes library then it’s really difficult to organize Rinse does a great job of fixing this and combining variations of a genres in a smaller number of genres. After all you are here to enjoy your music rather than be challenged at finding and enjoying the listening process. Fix iTunes now!

Rinse costs about $40 dollars and can be run on both, Mac OSX or Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista but before you actually buy Rinse you can try it out for free to see how it works for you because you got to try before you buy right? I always do and once I tried it I was impressed by some of the tools with Rinse. Also there are many other tools out there that promise to do a lot of what Rinse does but most don’t come close to what Rinse can do. Some do just one type of fix rather than all the fixes Rinse can do so I figured it’s best to get one software to use rather than countless different apps and try to configure and learn to use different ones and stick to just one that does all the fixes that we need.

What Does Rinse Do To Fix iTunes?

If you don’t know already Rinse is basically an updated version of Tidy Songs. Prior to April 2011 Rinse use to be called Tidy Songs so it’s basically purchased by RealNetworks and renamed Rinse. The cool thing about Rinse is it’s run on Adobe Air. I tend to like programs that run on Adobe Air and have a collection of them but I’ve heard some folks don’t like it. So you have to test it out and decide yourself if you like using this tool with Adobe Air. So makes it a cinch to Fix iTunes quickly!

Rinse is very easy to install and launch and once Rinse is launched then you are ready with the different options (or directions) you can take Rinse to fix the many fixes you need to fix in your iTunes library. Pretty much anything you need to do with Rinse is located at the Main Menu and you can also simulate the fixes with Rinse if you’re not sure what it will do for you or if you don’t want to commit to the fixes right off the bat. During the simulate process it tells you how many duplicate songs you have that has to be fixed. I like the simulate mode for this feature because you don’t want to just remove the duplicates right off the bat. During the non simulate mode you can choose Rinse to remove the duplicates or you can just have it add duplicate to your songs so that you can later search for Duplicate later and go through them and remove them yourself if you want to be on the safe side.

Download Rinse for FREE - Fix iTunes

The rest of the fixes such as adding album cover artwork, fixing song information and details like album names, artist names and genres is not available in simulate mode but you can still do the fixes with as little commitment as possible so that you are safe with your library.

If I had my way I would just duplicate my entire iTunes library on a second external hard drive and just let Rinse do it’s fixes and Fix iTunes as it wants or as you set it up so that you have no worries because you have already backed up an identical library so if anything happens you can always go back to your original iTunes library prior to starting any fixes with RealNetworks Rinse. Fix iTunes automatically now!

You can add album cover artwork to your songs with gray music notes in your iTunes library one by one (which could potentially take a lot of time) or by playlists you have set up that you know contain lots of songs without album cover artwork. If you go the route of doing it automatically Rinse goes through each song one by one and will allow you with a little time like 5 – 10 seconds for each song to either accept the album cover or reject the album cover. A cool feature in Rinse is the confidence level for album covers in iTunes. I set mine to a lower number because I want to make sure I don’t get album covers that are wrong. Usually I’m set to 85 but feel free to start lower and increase at a later time. Fix iTunes library now!

When you click the Options menu, Rinse will give you the option what to fix when using it. Do you wan tot fix the spellings of artist names only without interfering with what artwork is on that song file? You can do this. Rinse will also allow you to skip songs with specific keywords. Rinse will also allow you to switch iTunes libraries. Sometimes you might have more than one iTunes library set up on your computer but the one that’s loaded on your computer is the one that is detected by Rinse well you can switch it in Rinse.

Rinse uses the CDDB database to look up song information to fix songs. It looks up the information and identifies the true info and fixes your songs. CDDB is part of Gracenote’s Sony owned online databse.

I use Rinse every once in a while to fix iTunes songs I’ve received especially in playlists that I’ve set up. Since I work with music I’m constantly receiving tons of new music and this new music is always tagged wrong, missing album covers, missing artist or album information and when I sync these to my iPhone that’s where the annoyances start. So I just set up the playlist to be fixed with Rinse then I can sync to my iPhone and enjoy the music even more. I Fix iTunes songs frequently so I can enjoy my music and not deal with problems!

Try RealNetworks Rinse now to fix iTunes songs in your library for FREE!

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Fix iTunes: How To Find And Remove Duplicate Songs In iTunes

Fix iTunes: How To Find And Remove Duplicate Songs In iTunes

Fix iTunesI have not heard of an iTunes library ever to not contain any duplicate songs and I’m positive that your iTunes music library will have duplicate songs unless you’ve gone through the library yourself and removed every one of them. And the more music you have in your iTunes library the more duplicate songs you will have. Guaranteed! So Fix iTunes and remove those annoying duplicate songs automatically!

What causes you to have duplicate songs? Because some of the songs on your artist albums also appear on compilation CDs or soundtracks and even are on singles. Or sometimes you might have imported albums into iTunes twice or three times which means all these duplicate songs are filling up your hard drive space as well as complicating your syncing or organizing process. Making things very difficult to organize your songs because of duplicates. And when syncing to your iPhone then those duplicate songs are synced along with the songs you wanted and filling up your iPhone or iPod or iPad much faster than it would have if you didn’t have duplicates. So duplicate songs just cause too many problems and should be dealt with right away. Fix iTunes now automatically!

So how do you see if you have duplicates in your iTunes library? Go to File>Display Duplicates in a Macintosh computer. If you have too many duplicates in iTunes along with many other problems you should use RealNetworks Rinse or TuneUp Media to fix iTunes and remove those duplicates carefully and to fix other problems in your iTunes. I wouldn’t recommend to remove duplicates by hand as it’s a long process and could take up a lot of important time that you can use to do something else. Using a powerful software program like Rinse or TuneUp is the best way to go to fix iTunes. Not only will it remove duplicate songs but it will also help you with other problems like finding and adding album covers, adding missing song information and more.

Using Rinse Fix iTunes and Remove Duplicate Songs

When Rinse is organizing your music if any two or more song files are with the same name those songs are marked as duplicates. Rinse will keep your higher quality version of the duplicate songs and removes the lower quality version of the duplicate. In other words if two files of one song, 1=mp3-192 and the other mp3-320 then mp3-320 is the file that will be kept and mp3-192 will be removed. Here’s how it works. When you click Start in the Find Duplicates selection, Rinse will automatically start removing the duplicates from your iTunes library. When the duplicates are removed, Rinse will then display a list of tracks that got removed, and a Duplicate Songs folder will have been created on your computers desktop with the removed duplicates songs in it. So if you need to reimport them for some reason you can as they are not permanently deleted. You can then back those files up in case something happens to your music and need to gather missing songs in which case you’ll have backups of some songs. I would suggest though that you backup your entire iTunes library before you do any types of cleaning up. If you have the time and space (with an external hard drive) I would just backup the entire library and store it away for safekeeping.
Fix iYTunes Download and Try Rinse for FREE

Using TuneUp To Fix iTunes And Remove Duplicate Songs

You can access the DeDuper in TuneUp by clicking on the DeDuper tab then click on the Find Duplicates tab to start the duplicate search process and TuneUp will scan through your library and search and find those annoying duplicate songs. TuneUp says that it takes them about a minute to go through 500 tracks in your iTunes library so do the math to figure out how long your library will take to go through the DeDuping process. If you have a really large iTunes collection, start up TuneUp, launch DeDuper and go away, or do it just before you go to bed so you can come back later to finish up the process. You can pause the searching process at any time but I’d say just let it go through and doe the job for you. As it goes through your songs it will display the duplicates found that’s easily managed by you. It will allow you to remove the duplicates with one click of a button or you will have to OK the deletions. Also like Rinse, TuneUp will remove the lower quality bitrate of each song making sure you keep the best quality files. TuneUp removes duplicate songs out of iTunes and puts them into a folder called TuneUp Duplicates.

TuneUp Media Inc.

So there you have it. Rinse by RealNetworks and TuneUp, two powerful programs that will help to Fix iTunes and removing those duplicate songs that are bogging down your iTunes computer and filling up your internal or external hard drive depending on where you have your music stored in iTunes. Try them out today. Both will allow you to remove some duplicate songs for free. Which works for you?

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Fix iTunes: How to Downgrade from iTunes 11 to iTunes 10?

iTunes 11 is quite amazing. It’s beautifully designed and rocks with your music. I love looking at the new design on my big 27 inch iMac – this is where it shines since on my MacBook Pro it looks a bit tiny but still nice. I love scrolling through the different albums, playlists or artists. iTunes 11 certainly utilizes album cover artwork and it’s important to have iTunes music album cover artwork added to your iTunes music. Without album cover artwork all you have is a boring and very very grey iTunes music library. Learn how to Fix iTunes automatically and add album cover artwork and fix other iTunes problems while your at it. You can fix such problems as removing duplicate songs, adding missing song information and fixing mispelled song information. You know like if you have an artist spelled ‘The Rolling Stones’ on some of your songs and ‘Rolling Stones, The’ on others. This makes it so damn tough to organize your iTunes music library. Or you can have artists completely misspelled Like Motley Cure for Motley Crue! Because when you were importing your songs in you misspelled the name of the band, you didn’t check clearly and now you can’t locate the one or two albums that are misspelled and are stuck in your iTunes. Fix iTunes automatically to take of these annoying problems.

So we’re all digging the new iTunes 11!! But what if you aren’t? You should be but what if you aren’t and want to switch back to the previous version of iTunes? iTunes 10? If you aren’t enjoying how iTunes takes advantage of the beautiful album cover artwork to display the music or if you aren’t enjoying the awesome feature of creating playlist after playlist and adding songs in your playlist displayed right on the right side then you really do not like iTunes 11.See images of the old iTunes and iTunes 11 below!

Download and Try Rinse for FREE


Fix iTunes Missing-iTunes-Songs-Need-Fixing iTunes 11

Fix iTunes - Fix-iTunes-Music-Album-Cover-Present

To find out how to switch back to iTunes 11 read below!

More Reading…It has been nearly four months since Apple released iTunes 11 with its “dramatically simplified user interface” that was meant to change users’ lives and make us all billionaires. OK, so perhaps iTunes 11 wasn’t quite that hyped. Although Apple is certainly proud of its new mini player, “Next Up” interface, and album view, some iTunes users simply miss the old version and want to roll back.

If the above description fits you, you’re not alone. I often hear from Ars readers wondering how to get back to a previous version. Luckily, it’s not too tough to downgrade from iTunes 11 back to iTunes 10.7 (the last version to be released to the public)—as long as you’re willing to use a little elbow grease. To be clear, most of us here at Ars are fine with iTunes 11, but we sympathize with those who just want to go back to the way things were. So if you’re one of those people who is tired of iTunes 11 after four months and you’re ready to go back, read on….More at How to downgrade from iTunes 11 to version 10.7 on your Mac

Still interested in downgrading to an older, uglier, clunkier iTunes 10? Now you know how to downgrade to the previous version before the upgrade to iTunes 11. But why would you when you can enjoy your iTunes music much much more now with iTunes 11??

Fix iTunes: Automatically Add Album Artwork In iTunes

Fix iTunes: How To Automatically Add Album Artwork In iTunes

If you own an iPhone then one of the benefits is listening to your music and mp3 collection in iTunes. You load up your music into iTunes, you create playlists, you load up you sync your iPhone or iPad and take the music along with you. It’s simple to sync your your iPhone or iPad to your computer which will connect with your iTunes program and add your playlists that you’ve selected into your iPhone. Once you have your music synced you can take your music with you and you’re set with all the music you need. The problem is if you do not have album covers on your songs or attached to your mp3s metadata then all you’re going to get with your iPhone are songs with grey music notes. See images below.

Automatically Add Album Artwork In iTunes Automatically Add Album Artwork In iTunes

It’s so nice to have all your songs in iTunes but it sucks to not have the beautiful album covers that you love to look at when you’re scrolling through finding songs on the iPhone or just looking at the album covers while listening to your favorite tunes. (See the two image examples above)

How To? Automatically Add Album Artwork In iTunes

You can find and Automatically Add Album Artwork In iTunes by hand to all your songs but this will take too much time to do. Plus this is a very daunting task, and painful at times, bad for your hands. Depending on the quantity of the songs you have this can also take a long time. Too long. Don’t tackle it by hand!

Get Album Artwork

There’s a feature in iTunes that will do the finding and to automatically add album artwork in iTunes. But after tries this system has not really worked too well for us. If it does the album cover shows up added to your songs missing album covers in your iTunes. But most of the times it’s failed for us. You must use a powerful program to automatically add album artwork in iTunes.

Download and Try Rinse for FREE

Automatically Add Album Cover Artwork In iTunes

Use RINSE to Automatically Add Album Artwork In iTunes. It’s hands down the best and most reliable system to not only to automatically add album cover artwork in iTunes but to fix a ton of other issues in iTunes. Here’s what RINSE by RealNetworks does:

1: Automatically Add Album Cover Artwork In iTunes

2: Automatically Remove Duplicate Song In iTunes

3: Automatically Add Missing Song Details In iTunes (Artist Name, Album Name, Genre, Year & More)

4: Automatically Fix Misspelled Songs

Once these problems in your iTunes Library are fixed automatically you will enjoy your iTunes music even more. After syncing your iPhone or iPad you’ll see your album covers instead of grey music notes but you’ll also have fixed all names, misspellings and removed duplicate songs not only in your iTunes Library but in your iPhone or iPad.

Try RealNetworks RINSE and automatically add album artwork in iTunes now and see for yourself how powerful it is. You’ll be amazed and love your iTunes music library even more. Start enjoying your music in iTunes again not only at home on your computer but also on the go with your iPhone and iPad.

iTunes Get Album Art

iTunes has an option built-in that will search and attempt to bring back the correct album cover art for your music collection. This option is worth a try, but don’t be surprised if you get poor results.

  1. You’ll receive a message that information about your songs will be sent to Apple, although they don’t retain information related to the contents of your library….More at How to fix and add iTunes artwork

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How To Create Playlists In iTunes

Fix iTunes: How To Create Playlists In iTunes

I’ve been enjoying creating playlists for over 10 years now in iTunes. I’ve probably have made over 2000 playlists in iTunes since iTunes began in the early 2000s as creating playlists have always been very fun to do and pass on to friends, relatives, coworkers and more. So on Fix iTunes today we’ll go over how to create playlists in iTunes.

I usually get an idea for a playlist, you know like a genre or mood or theme then put together a collection of awesome songs that’s enough to fit on a CD and burn the music to a disc and send to friends. Sort of like DJ mixes or mix tapes from the 80s and all my friends enjoyed these playlists a lot! If I wasn’t burning the playlists to a CD then I would just fill it up with enough music that I would need. Could be a playlist for a party, or an event or to just take along with my on the laptop, or iPhone, iPod or iPad. They’re so much fun to do.

But as of late last year iTunes has been redesigned and released a completely brand new version of their popular music/mp3 player and everything inside iTunes has changed including how you create playlists. Creating playlists in iTunes 11 is a lot different than how you made them in iTunes 10 or before. So what do you do to create playlists in iTunes 11 then?

First off there are multiple views in iTunes now (see photo below and click to enlarge) and they are Songs View, Albums View, Artists View, Genres View, Videos View, Playlists View and Radio View.


You might even have Match View if you have subscribed to iTunes Match but we wont get into that now. I create playlists either in Songs View or Playlists View because those are the views I’m in mostly when I’m listening to iTunes or when I need to sync my iPad or iPhone and it’s quick for me to do that. Sometimes I’m in Album View as well but usually I’m just listening to a full album and not thinking of creating a playlist!

Download and Try Rinse for FREE

When you’re in Songs View click click File>New>Playlist so that you can create a brand new playlist. You can also click File>New>Playlist From Selection if you want to select a few songs from the library to automatically be added to a new playlist.

(see photo below and click to enlarge)


You can also create playlists when you are in the Playlists View Mode by clicking the plus sign right at the bottom left. (see photos below and click to enlarge)









Once you have a new playlist you can start adding songs in while you are in the Songs View Mode. Fill up as many songs you want added to your iTunes then finish up. (see photo below and click to enlarge)

That’s pretty much it on how to make a playlist in iTunes 11. It’s quite simple and if you do a couple it will become as easy as it was in the previous versions of iTunes 11.


To take advantage of playlist creation 2.0, turn off your sidebar if you have it on (Option+Command+S or View>Hide Sidebar). Along the top bar of iTunes, you’ll see a new playlists button. Click this.

You’ll move into a dedicated playlist window with your playlists on the left. Create a new one by clicking the add button (the plus sign) on the bottom left. You can choose from a basic playlist, a smart playlist or playlist folders. If you want to edit an existing playlist, click on the gear icon next to it. Here, you have options to edit, duplicate, delete, export or burn a playist to a disc….More at iTunes 101: Making playlists in iTunes 11 | TUAW – The Unofficial 

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To enjoy your iTunes playlists even more fix your iTunes music library now by automatically adding album covers, removing duplicate songs, fixing misspelled songs and adding missing song information. Try this powerful fix iTunes program and fix iTunes. After all what good are your playlists if you have duplicate songs, missing album cover artwork, songs misspelled and songs without critical song information like album name, artist name, genres or more? So Fix iTunes music library!

A fixed iTunes music library is always best. Fix iTunes and enjoy your music even more!

Fix iTunes for free now.

Fix iTunes How To Move Your iTunes Library To External Drive

Fix iTunes

Fix iTunes: How To Move Your iTunes Library To An External Drive

Those of you that have boat loads of music (mp3s) imported into your iTunes music library on your computer are probably running out of hard drive space inside your computer. What does it take to fix iTunes and clear up space on your computers hard drive? Read below!

Depending on what quality (bit rate) you have set your iTunes Music library to import your music at (Preferences>General>Import Setting on a Mac computer) (see picture below) you can either run out of space really fast or much slower.

Because the higher the quality of the mp3s you are importing the music at if you’re importing mp3s the faster you’ll run out of space. And you’ll run out of space even faster if you are importing AIFs or WAV files because AIFs/WAVs are not compressed much if at all so they file sizes are much much bigger. Why import your music at higher quality? Because the higher the quality of your mp3s the better your music is going to sound. I import all my music at mp3-320 and I’m satisfied with this quality but I will run out of space much faster than if I was importing all my music into iTunes at mp3-192. You’ll have to compare and listen to the different qualities to see what suits you.

Because you are running out of space on the computers internal hard drive you will be needing to upgrade your computer to a computer that has a much bigger internal hard drive which costs at least a couple of thousand dollars depending on the cost of the computer. Or as a second option and at a fraction of the cost just buy a high quality External Hard Drive and move your music library to an external hard drive instead of a new computer with a bigger hard drive. In fact I’ve probably have not used my computers internal hard drive for iTunes since 2002! I have too much music and know that I get the biggest and most quality hard drive and store my music on there and back up the hard drive every so often so that all is safe. Just make sure you can get the biggest size hard drive that you can afford and the best quality. I love Western Digital hard drives and have been using these 3TB drives by Western Digital.

So now that we know we need to move our iTunes Music Library to an external hard drive how do you do it? So then how to move your iTunes library to an external drive?

For iTunes, we’ll assume you let iTunes manage your music and import it into the iTunes library (default options). If you have set iTunes to not import music so you can keep music elsewhere, you can skip this guide as you’ll know how to move your music anyway.

Download and Try Rinse for FREE

  1. Select the iTunes library on your external hard drive….More at How to Move your iTunes, iPhoto or Aperture Library to an External 

Once you move all your music over to an external hard drive you’ll be ready to rock out with your new iTunes music! Make sure you backup your external drive and put it away in a safe place in case something happens to it.

So what’s next after that? Time to fix your iTunes music library problems and get it into shape. Fix iTunes songs missing song information automatically. Fix iTunes Library by remove duplicate songs automatically. Fix misspelled song information automatically and add beautiful album cover artwork automatically to all your songs. If you’re moving all your songs to an external hard drive then might as well fix all your songs automatically to to enjoy your music as best as you can. How to fix iTunes Music Library automatically? Use a powerful software program called Fix iTunes. Click here and try Fix iTunes for FREE now.

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Fix iTunes: Finally Apple Releases The Latest And Greatest iTunes 11

Fix iTunes: Finally Apple Releases The Latest & Greatest iTunes 11

iTunes is the worlds number #1 desktop mp3 player software program but it’s gotten old and clunky. So it was great to have received the announcement in September for a new and improved iTunes which would be launched in October. After the anticipation October came and went and no iTunes 11. It was delayed by Apple. So finally it got released the other day and we’re playing with it and we’re digging it so far!

Over the years, that program had become more and more cluttered as Apple saddled it with more and more burdens. In the beginning (2001), it was meant to be nothing more than a jukebox program. Then it became the loading dock for the iPod. Then it was the front end for the iTunes Music Store online. Then it was asked to manage TV shows and movies. Then podcasts. Then e-books. Then it became the syncing headquarters for iPhones and iPads. Then it was supposed to manage apps. Then it was the front end for Ping, Apple’s flopped music-discussion service.

Eventually, it became a sluggish, cluttered, spreadsheety hangnail on our digital lives.

(Mac and Windows). It’s still the front end for music, videos and iGadgets, and its features and personality are much the same. But the design has been overhauled — deeply, controversially, but, in general, successfully….More at Apple Rolls Out a Cleaner iTunes -

So we’ve been playing with iTunes for a couple of days now and we’re really digging it. There are loads of improvements in iTunes 11 versus the previous version of iTunes. Even though I still liked using the old iTunes I thought it needed a facelift. It needed a major makeover so it can act like a piece of software for the generation of today and not the early 2000s when iTunes was first released.

We love how the album artwork coloring fills in when you are viewing your albums in Albums View Mode (pictured below) versus Songs View Mode which is what we’ve always are playing our songs in. But if we want to hear a full album then why not listen to the full album in Albums View Mode? This is where it comes in handy to have all your album Fix iTunesartwork (images) attached to your songs. If you don’t have your album cover artwork attached to your iTunes songs then you will see the grey music note color fill in the album cover color, in the Albums View Mode (pictured below) when playing albums that do not have Album Cover Artwork. This is ugly and it’s always great to run this powerful software program to add those beautiful album covers autoFix iTunesmatically. Then rather looking at ugly grey music notes you will be looking at beautiful album covers! Makes sense right? So Fix iTunes Now!

We also love how you can add songs to a playlist that’s displayed on the right. We absolutely love this feature (pictured below) because we love seeing what songs we’re adding to our many iTunes playlists. Rather than completely hidden where we have to click on to see what’s in the playlist this new system or method is the perfect way to create awesome, rockin’ playlists that we love to keep coming back to. Fix iTunes For Free Now!

Download and Try Rinse for FREE to Fix iTunes

Fix iTunesWe also love using iTunes in Artists View Mode. This is awesome! As you have a long list of artists listed on the left with albums from each artists listed on the right in larger view mode with all the necessary details about the songs etc. We absolutely love this mode but noticed that our songs are missing album covers. The Artists View Mode is definitely improved when all album covers artwork are attached to all your songs. In fact all view modes look better with your album covers attached versus grey music notes. Grey music notes just make your iTunes boring. But when you have those beautiful album covers attached to the mp3 metadata so they display in iTunes you’ll really enjoy your iTunes music even more. In fact if they are attached to the songs in iTunes then you sync to your iPhone or iPad they will be there too. Much better skipping through songs in the iPhone or iPad when you’re skipping through mp3s with album covers versus grey music notes. That can get boring. I’m a very visual person and looking at some awesome art (cause that’s what I call album covers – art hence the name artwork) makes for finding tunes to listen to much more fun and entertaining! Right?

The other new view mode that we are digging is the Genre View Mode. This is cool because this didn’t exist in the previous versions of iTunes but it’s definitely here in iTunes 11! It’s awesome to just skim through different genres and when you click on a genre it displays all the songs or albums or artists are displayed on the right. I love this method because I do a lot counting of tracks etc in iTunes and finding the numbers in each genre is awesome this way!

To fix iTunes music library download this FREE Fix iTunes software program and run it as a trial and fix some of your tunes. It’s FREE and you can see what a wonderful job it does. It adds beautiful album covers, it’s removed duplicate songs (making room for more music), adds missing song details such as artists names, album names, genres, years and more, plus it fixes all your misspelled songs. Try it here to Fix iTunes Now!!!

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iTunes 11 Upgrade Coming, Fix iTunes Before Installing

iTunes 11 Upgrade Coming, Fix iTunes Before Installing

Fix iTunesWe’re counting down the days for the new and improved iTunes music player – iTunes 11 but Apple keeps delaying it. There’s actually some rumors floating around  that it’s going to be released sometime this week or next week so as mentioned I’m counting down the days as I can’t wait to download and install this fixed and updated iTunes. My iTunes has gotten very clunky, slow, crashy and often I get the spinning ball of death evert so often because I have so much music imported into my iTunes I have to deal with double or triple the amount of time to do something in iTunes and that gets so annoying I don’t have the time to wait. I’m almost at 180,000 mp3s in my music folder in iTunes and yes MY iTunes IS VERY SLOW! I need help so I’m hoping and praying this updated new iTunes – iTunes 11 is going to solve my slow iTunes problems. I hope Apple has fixed the latest iTunes 11 to perform much much better, faster and smoother rather than it has been performing for me and everyone else that’s complaining about all the problems it has.

The first rumor to surface suggested we’d see version 11 launched alongside the iPad Mini in October, which would have made a lot of sense. As it turned out, Apple focused that event on hardware launches.

Finally, the day before Halloween, Apple admitted to reporters that iTunes 11 wasn’t coming in October. “It is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right,” Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr said at the time, adding that the software upgrade would be out “before the end of November.”

:…More at iTunes 11 Coming in ‘Next Few Days’?

But do you have your iTunes songs fixed enough to upgrade to iTunes 11? Just fix iTunes!!

What do I mean iTunes fixed enough? This new iTunes 11 is going to heavily rely on all the beautiful album covers to display your songs so if you don’t have beautiful album covers in your music already in your current iTunes then it’s not worth upgrading to iTunes 11 because all you are going to see is grey music notes to display your music. Blah! That sounds boring! Fix iTunes Automatically! Trust me I’m all about music and hate looking at ugly grey music notes when I’m surfing through my music in iTunes. You know the days when you actually had CDs and you looked at the album cover while you listened to your favorite tunes is no longer but you can have those days again after you have those album covers added to your songs in iTunes. Fix iTunes Automatically before you are stuck with the latest iTunes but also tons of problems!!
Download and Try Rinse for FREE

Get those album covers added to all your songs now before installing iTunes 11. Because you are going to want to look at those album covers flipping through songs in iTunes. We recommend a powerful program called Rinse. Run Rinse and add all those missing album covers to your songs then upgrade to iTunes 11.

The new iTunes 11 is going to have new library views. When you’re looking for an album you click on music and that’s all you’ll be seeing. And you can do the same for movies, TV, apps and more!

You are also going to have a Preview History. WOW! This option will rock! Because I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a song in my giant library and skipped through and lost it and can’t find that song again but with Preview History it’s just a click away and find all the songs you’ve previewed a while ago. It’s like a music playlist of just your previously previewed songs. WOW I’m so there right now! But having those album covers in Preview History will help you even more. Because visually you’ll be able to find the cool songs by album cover more than just by grey music notes and text.

So if you are anticipating the new iTunes then you are not alone. There’s hundreds of thousands of us that are waiting for this new and improved iTunes that’s about to launch very soon but make sure you’re ready to upgrade because if you are not you will not be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the new iTunes 11.

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Fix iTunes: What to do to prepare for iTunes 11?

Fix iTunes: What to do to prepare for iTunes 11?

Fix iTunes Song Fixer iTunes LogoI’m anxiously awaiting the release of iTunes 11. I was actually very happy it was to get the official release last month but Apple has since delayed it until late this month. So I’m counting down the days for the official release of iTunes 11.

While iTunes 11 is running a little late, it is expected to drop on us this month. When it arrives, it will be the single biggest change to iTunes since the introduction of the iTunes Music Store. To prepare for this large update, you may want to prepare your iTunes library, adding album artwork, correcting album titles, and getting rid of duplicates. By cleaning up, you’ll have a better experience when iTunes 11 is released and installed on your Mac….More at How to Prepare for iTunes 11 | Mac|Life

iTunes 11 will be a rebirth of iTunes. Brand new design, better performance and overall a complete new monster music library for us to import, manage and listen to our favorite music whether on the computer, broadcast wirelessly to our stereo systems or sync to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and taken along with us so that we never have to be without music ever! So this will be a a complete overhaul, new iTunes. iTunes hasn’t received a facelift like this since it’s birth over 10 years ago so I think it’s definitely due for a facelift. Because of this new update for Apple’s iTunes software I would advise some cleanup and fixes done to your iTunes music library. Fixing problems in iTunes in advance before updating to iTunes 11 is highly recommended because if you want to take full advanget of what iTunes 11 has to offer your iTunes should be in tip-top shape. If all is in order and your iTunes fixes are taken care of then you shouldn’t have any problems when updating to iTunes 11.

What kinds of problems to look out for to fix iTunes?

  1. Fix iTunes songs missing album covers artwork
  2. Fix iTunes Songs that are misspelled
  3. Fix iTunes Songs missing info such as artists names, album names, genre, years
  4. Fix iTunes Duplicate songs by removing them

So taking care of these problems before downloading iTunes 11 is crucial and can benefit you going forward with the new and improved iTunes music library.

I’m sure your iTunes has tons of missing album covers or the artwork for the albums so it’s a good idea to add these missing album covers automatically to your music collection before downloading iTunes 11 and installing it. We all know music is not to listen to only but it’s also to look at visually so the entire package is what makes music, music. So I enjoy having all the album covers on my music in my iTunes music library as well when I sync music to my iPhone or iPad I can take the album covers with me. If I don’t have the album covers I make sure I run this poweful tool to add the album covers automatically.

Having too many duplicate songs in iTunes sucks too. It bogs down your iTunes music library with too many files. So why would you have a duplicate of the same songs in iTunes? For example I’m a huge fan of Depeche Mode and knowing they’ve been around for 30+ years they’ve released 6+ greatest hits albums. If I have every single one of those albums imported into my iTunes then I know for sure there’s going to be duplicates of the same song in iTunes. Do I need to have those songs in iTunes twice? Nope. I only need it once so removing duplicate songs automatically is crucial. So I use the same software program to add beautiful album covers to remove duplicate songs in iTunes. What’s cool about this software program it’s smart and knows which duplicate to remove. If you have one duplicate at mp3-192 and another duplicate of the same song at mpr-320 then it will remove the lower quality file so that you keep the better/higher quality mp3 in your iTunes library. This is smart and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this benefit of this software program.

The other things to make sure to do before upgrading to iTunes 11 is to make sure all your songs have information added to them. If it’s missing any information then run the sofware and let it find the correct info and add it to your songs. Or if there are misspelled songs in your iTunes music library then run the program and let it fix the misspellings automatically.

Taking care or fixing these problems before upgrading to iTunes 11 should be mandatory. iTunes 11 is probably going to have a learning curve so why not have the most important problems in your iTunes music collection solved prior to installing the latest and greatest iTunes Music library – iTunes 11? It’s important to do. Fix iTunes Now! Click image below to Fix iTunes songs for free.

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Apple Delays iTunes 11 Until November! Fix iTunes Now!

Apple Delays iTunes 11 Until November! Fix iTunes Now!Fix iTunes

I’m so anxiously anticipating a new and improved iTunes that’s been announced since September but Apple has delayed it until this month and I hope it becomes a reality and is officially released soon as November is halfway done already and I’m counting the days to when I’m going to launch this amazing new and improved iTunes – the iTunes 11! Have you thought about how clean and organized your iTunes music is? Fix iTunes before downloading iTunes 11!

The new iTunes is going to be a beautiful redesign and a new take on iTunes. From the images I’ve seen floating around on Apple’s website and online it sort of looks like Apple TV or the iTunes Music or App or Book Store with the way your album covers display in your own library. So this is very exciting to me and I can’t wait for this most amazing iTunes update. It’s a shame they delayed it for a month and so I’m hoping it becomes reality this month with the launch of this iTunes 11.

Apple first announced iTunes 11 at its iPhone 5 event in September, with Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue saying at the time that it would be released some time in October. However, iTunes was notably absent from the company’s iPad mini event last week, leading to speculation that the development of the media player was behind schedule.

The new version of iTunes is supposed to feature a completely revamped user interface with a bigger emphasis on cover art, contextual information and dedicated artist pages that can be used by musicians to share photos, tour dates and other information. There were rumors earlier this year that Apple would integrate its own Pandora-like streaming radio service into iTunes, but recent reports indicate that this won’t be happening until next year, if at all.

I also like the idea of the new MiniPlayer that’s going to be included with the new iTunes 11. I like to work on my computer and have the iTunes window be very small so having a little window rather than a big window is an excellent idea. But it doesn’t stop there because you can control your music in the new MiniPlayer and see what’s coming up next or which song will be playing next and if you do not want to hear the next song then you will be able to search your collection and choose what you want to listen to by selecting from your library from the new MiniPlayer so you don’t have to open up the MiniPlayer.

The other excellent feature in the new and improved iTunes 11 is all about discovering new music and I’m no stranger to discovering new music. I love new music, I get bored quite fast with music so I’m always looking for new beats to listen to so the new iTunes has a similar feature to Pandora where it will tell you if you like this song you are listening to then you will like this other song perhaps so go ahead and buy the damn thing now at the iTunes Store LOL! Well not quite like that but yea iTunes 11 will suggest new music to you. You select a song, artist or album and iTunes 11 will suggest new music you do not currently own in your iTunes music library. Now that is awesome and I can’t wait for that.

If your current iTunes library music does not have your album covers then it’s best you get those into your music’s metadata so when you get or download the new and improved iTunes 11 you can take full advantage of viewing your music the way it’s supposed to be. Manually adding album covers takes way too long and if you have a large iTunes library like me (180K songs in iTunes) it’s going to be darned tedious task to take on. And I hate looking at those ugly gray music notes when I’m flipping through my iTunes music and all I see is those gray music notes and not the beautiful album covers that I should be seeing. Fix itunes now! When you Fix iTunes you’ll be ready to enjoy your iTunes completely!
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I’m happy to say there is a simple automated way to add album covers to your songs in iTunes and that method is by using one of two powerful programs Rinse or TuneUp to search online for you and download album covers and add them to your music collection. The cool thing is it doesn’t just stop at searching album covers as it does a ton more for your iTunes library. It removes duplicate songs, fixes misspelled song information, add missing song information to songs without info and of course finds and adds all the beautiful album covers. These are excellent tools to have and run on your iTunes to Fix iTunes before upgrading to the new iTunes. When your iTunes is fixed and in order then you will enjoy the new iTunes 11 that’s launching late this month. Fix iTunes now before you install iTunes 11 so that you will enjoy all the benefits of the iTunes without worrying about missing album covers, duplicate songs etc.

Try the two powerful programs Rinse or TuneUp now. Fix your songs for FREE and get ready to enjoy the new iTunes 11!!! Fix iTunes now!

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Fix iTunes: iTunes Ping Has Shut Down!

Fix iTunes: iTunes Ping Has Shut Down!

Fix iTunes Ping Has Shut DownI was a closet iTunes Ping user. I didn’t really tell my friends that I personally know use it but I had loads of friends on Ping that I didn’t know personally except from Ping. I found Ping to be very fun to connect with other Ping users who shared the same interest in music as I did, I created playlists and learned all about the music I loved by reading profiles and more. Throughout Ping’s short lived life I probably created almost 100 playlists that I published and shared with my contacts on Ping. So I did enjoy this part of Ping but beyond that I wasn’t much of a Ping user. So in some ways it’s OK it’s not with us especially since my playlists are still all in my account and I’m waiting anxiously to see what Apple does or how it integrates social networking with the iTunes Store etc. Read more below …

As we reported in the middle of September, Ping was scheduled to be shut down on September 30. For those few users that found some value in the social service, you may have realized that Ping is now nowhere to be found on iTunes. As promised, Apple has finally killed off its iTunes social network service.

According to Tim Cook, the service never took off as iTunes users felt that it never added a value proposition when many were already on Facebook and Twitter. Cook has explained that Apple “tried Ping and the customer voted, and we said, this isn’t something I want to put a lot of energy into. Some customers love it, but there’s not a huge number that do.” At the time, Cook was deciding what to do with Ping, and his statement merely hinted at the service being axed.

You’ll notice that playlists from Ping have been transferred to iMixes….More at Apple shuts down iTunes‘ Ping and prepares for Facebook

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Need to Fix iTunes? Read below. Fix iTunes by removing duplicate songs, adding album covers, fixing misspelled songs and fixing missing details in your music.

So if you’re interested in fixing your iTunes music library … click the links below to check out two of the coolest programs that will do it for you automatically! Fix iTunes Now!

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Fix iTunes: iTunes For Android Phones?

Fix iTunes: iTunes For Android Phones?

Fix iTunes Album Covers iTunes On AndroidI’ve enjoyed iTunes for sometime now (10+ years) and have been an avid Apple follower since the early 90s so I’m all about Apple everything, Apple all the time. So why wouldn’t the worlds most popular music player not be available on the Android? So what’s not to love about the Apple experience on the Android? You can quickly find tunes from the worlds larges music store. Despite the Apple store having some minor problems it’s still a top notch music player, music store media biggee! And I love it. Having my entire music collection in iTunes and accessing it from wherever I want is also excellent! But do Android phone users want iTunes on their phones? Well Steve Wozniak thinkgs so. Read below to find out more about why Steve Wozniak thinks having iTunes on Adroid smarthpones is necessary. If I had no choice about which brand of smartphone to have and was stuck with the Android then I’d certainly want to have iTunes on my Android. Check it out below.

Wozniak has always straddled the space between iOS and Android. He joined the board of Danger in 2001, a company which made a mobile device and was founded by Andy Rubin, who now leads Google’s Android effort. His public statements confirm that he uses both the iOS and Android platforms.

In a no-holds-barred discussion on Slashdot, Woz put forth the proposition that Apple should petition Android users with iTunes: “Let’s look at Apple. Apple’s real rise from the small market-share Macintosh company to the iProducts of today began with iTunes and the iPod. This turned out to be a second huge business which roughly doubled Apple’s ‘size’,” he said….More at Steve Wozniak wants Apple to launch iTunes for Android phones

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Fix iTunes Automatically Now! If you’re interested in fixing your iTunes music library … click the links below to check out two of the coolest programs that will do it for you automatically! Click the link below to Fix iTunes now!

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