Fix iTunes: How To Find And Remove Duplicate Songs In iTunes

Fix iTunes: How To Find And Remove Duplicate Songs In iTunes

Fix iTunesI have not heard of an iTunes library ever to not contain any duplicate songs and I’m positive that your iTunes music library will have duplicate songs unless you’ve gone through the library yourself and removed every one of them. And the more music you have in your iTunes library the more duplicate songs you will have. Guaranteed! So Fix iTunes and remove those annoying duplicate songs automatically!

What causes you to have duplicate songs? Because some of the songs on your artist albums also appear on compilation CDs or soundtracks and even are on singles. Or sometimes you might have imported albums into iTunes twice or three times which means all these duplicate songs are filling up your hard drive space as well as complicating your syncing or organizing process. Making things very difficult to organize your songs because of duplicates. And when syncing to your iPhone then those duplicate songs are synced along with the songs you wanted and filling up your iPhone or iPod or iPad much faster than it would have if you didn’t have duplicates. So duplicate songs just cause too many problems and should be dealt with right away. Fix iTunes now automatically!

So how do you see if you have duplicates in your iTunes library? Go to File>Display Duplicates in a Macintosh computer. If you have too many duplicates in iTunes along with many other problems you should use RealNetworks Rinse or TuneUp Media to fix iTunes and remove those duplicates carefully and to fix other problems in your iTunes. I wouldn’t recommend to remove duplicates by hand as it’s a long process and could take up a lot of important time that you can use to do something else. Using a powerful software program like Rinse or TuneUp is the best way to go to fix iTunes. Not only will it remove duplicate songs but it will also help you with other problems like finding and adding album covers, adding missing song information and more.

Using Rinse Fix iTunes and Remove Duplicate Songs

When Rinse is organizing your music if any two or more song files are with the same name those songs are marked as duplicates. Rinse will keep your higher quality version of the duplicate songs and removes the lower quality version of the duplicate. In other words if two files of one song, 1=mp3-192 and the other mp3-320 then mp3-320 is the file that will be kept and mp3-192 will be removed. Here’s how it works. When you click Start in the Find Duplicates selection, Rinse will automatically start removing the duplicates from your iTunes library. When the duplicates are removed, Rinse will then display a list of tracks that got removed, and a Duplicate Songs folder will have been created on your computers desktop with the removed duplicates songs in it. So if you need to reimport them for some reason you can as they are not permanently deleted. You can then back those files up in case something happens to your music and need to gather missing songs in which case you’ll have backups of some songs. I would suggest though that you backup your entire iTunes library before you do any types of cleaning up. If you have the time and space (with an external hard drive) I would just backup the entire library and store it away for safekeeping.
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Using TuneUp To Fix iTunes And Remove Duplicate Songs

You can access the DeDuper in TuneUp by clicking on the DeDuper tab then click on the Find Duplicates tab to start the duplicate search process and TuneUp will scan through your library and search and find those annoying duplicate songs. TuneUp says that it takes them about a minute to go through 500 tracks in your iTunes library so do the math to figure out how long your library will take to go through the DeDuping process. If you have a really large iTunes collection, start up TuneUp, launch DeDuper and go away, or do it just before you go to bed so you can come back later to finish up the process. You can pause the searching process at any time but I’d say just let it go through and doe the job for you. As it goes through your songs it will display the duplicates found that’s easily managed by you. It will allow you to remove the duplicates with one click of a button or you will have to OK the deletions. Also like Rinse, TuneUp will remove the lower quality bitrate of each song making sure you keep the best quality files. TuneUp removes duplicate songs out of iTunes and puts them into a folder called TuneUp Duplicates.

TuneUp Media Inc.

So there you have it. Rinse by RealNetworks and TuneUp, two powerful programs that will help to Fix iTunes and removing those duplicate songs that are bogging down your iTunes computer and filling up your internal or external hard drive depending on where you have your music stored in iTunes. Try them out today. Both will allow you to remove some duplicate songs for free. Which works for you?

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