RealNetworks Rinse To Fix iTunes Music Library Of Problems

RealNetworks Rinse To Fix iTunes Music Library Of Problems 

Fix iTunesIf you didn’t know such a software program existed then it’s time you found out because I’ve been using it to fix my iTunes problems and it does a pretty good job. The software program is called Rinse by RealNetworks a little company that’s been around since the late 90s. Rinse fixes the most common iTunes problems around. Those problems are duplicate songs that are present in your iTunes library, songs missing such information as song names, artist’s names and album names. It also finds and adds the missing album covers from your music collection in iTunes. Lastly it has a very powerful method of fixing your countless number of genres into a smaller chunk that you can easily organize and your listening experience more of a cinch! When you have as many genres as songs in your iTunes library then it’s really difficult to organize Rinse does a great job of fixing this and combining variations of a genres in a smaller number of genres. After all you are here to enjoy your music rather than be challenged at finding and enjoying the listening process. Fix iTunes now!

Rinse costs about $40 dollars and can be run on both, Mac OSX or Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista but before you actually buy Rinse you can try it out for free to see how it works for you because you got to try before you buy right? I always do and once I tried it I was impressed by some of the tools with Rinse. Also there are many other tools out there that promise to do a lot of what Rinse does but most don’t come close to what Rinse can do. Some do just one type of fix rather than all the fixes Rinse can do so I figured it’s best to get one software to use rather than countless different apps and try to configure and learn to use different ones and stick to just one that does all the fixes that we need.

What Does Rinse Do To Fix iTunes?

If you don’t know already Rinse is basically an updated version of Tidy Songs. Prior to April 2011 Rinse use to be called Tidy Songs so it’s basically purchased by RealNetworks and renamed Rinse. The cool thing about Rinse is it’s run on Adobe Air. I tend to like programs that run on Adobe Air and have a collection of them but I’ve heard some folks don’t like it. So you have to test it out and decide yourself if you like using this tool with Adobe Air. So makes it a cinch to Fix iTunes quickly!

Rinse is very easy to install and launch and once Rinse is launched then you are ready with the different options (or directions) you can take Rinse to fix the many fixes you need to fix in your iTunes library. Pretty much anything you need to do with Rinse is located at the Main Menu and you can also simulate the fixes with Rinse if you’re not sure what it will do for you or if you don’t want to commit to the fixes right off the bat. During the simulate process it tells you how many duplicate songs you have that has to be fixed. I like the simulate mode for this feature because you don’t want to just remove the duplicates right off the bat. During the non simulate mode you can choose Rinse to remove the duplicates or you can just have it add duplicate to your songs so that you can later search for Duplicate later and go through them and remove them yourself if you want to be on the safe side.

Download Rinse for FREE - Fix iTunes

The rest of the fixes such as adding album cover artwork, fixing song information and details like album names, artist names and genres is not available in simulate mode but you can still do the fixes with as little commitment as possible so that you are safe with your library.

If I had my way I would just duplicate my entire iTunes library on a second external hard drive and just let Rinse do it’s fixes and Fix iTunes as it wants or as you set it up so that you have no worries because you have already backed up an identical library so if anything happens you can always go back to your original iTunes library prior to starting any fixes with RealNetworks Rinse. Fix iTunes automatically now!

You can add album cover artwork to your songs with gray music notes in your iTunes library one by one (which could potentially take a lot of time) or by playlists you have set up that you know contain lots of songs without album cover artwork. If you go the route of doing it automatically Rinse goes through each song one by one and will allow you with a little time like 5 – 10 seconds for each song to either accept the album cover or reject the album cover. A cool feature in Rinse is the confidence level for album covers in iTunes. I set mine to a lower number because I want to make sure I don’t get album covers that are wrong. Usually I’m set to 85 but feel free to start lower and increase at a later time. Fix iTunes library now!

When you click the Options menu, Rinse will give you the option what to fix when using it. Do you wan tot fix the spellings of artist names only without interfering with what artwork is on that song file? You can do this. Rinse will also allow you to skip songs with specific keywords. Rinse will also allow you to switch iTunes libraries. Sometimes you might have more than one iTunes library set up on your computer but the one that’s loaded on your computer is the one that is detected by Rinse well you can switch it in Rinse.

Rinse uses the CDDB database to look up song information to fix songs. It looks up the information and identifies the true info and fixes your songs. CDDB is part of Gracenote’s Sony owned online databse.

I use Rinse every once in a while to fix iTunes songs I’ve received especially in playlists that I’ve set up. Since I work with music I’m constantly receiving tons of new music and this new music is always tagged wrong, missing album covers, missing artist or album information and when I sync these to my iPhone that’s where the annoyances start. So I just set up the playlist to be fixed with Rinse then I can sync to my iPhone and enjoy the music even more. I Fix iTunes songs frequently so I can enjoy my music and not deal with problems!

Try RealNetworks Rinse now to fix iTunes songs in your library for FREE!

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